Reach Gymnastics 1:1 Individual 

 Lesson Breakdown


i) Each class booked is for that day and time only. If you would like to come multiple weeks/times they must be booked individually. 

ii) 2+3-year-old participants must be accompanied by a guardian over 18 years of age from the same household.

iii) 2-6-year-old participants cannot register for more than one 30-minute session/day.

iv) 2 Athletes from the same household can participate in the same time slot. The second athlete will cost $20+HST/30 mins. The system will not let you add a second child. If you would like to do this register first child for the desired time slot and e-mail with the name of the second child and date/time/coach of the lesson and we will add them in and create an invoice of $20 in your Amilia account.

Please see above for further operational details for

Reach Gymnastics during COVID-19. 

August Group Class Schedule 

Classes Run August 4-31

Monday             Tuesday             Wednesday             Thursday

4-6 Years (50 Mins)        6-8 Year Old (70 Mins)                      Beginner Tumbling (40 Mins)      Advanced Level 1 (80 Mins)

4:00-4:450                     4:00-5:10                                            4:00-4:40                                      4:00-5:20

5:00-5:50                        5:20-6:30                                            

6:00-6:50                                                                                      Level 1 Tumbling (50 Mins)          Advanced Level 2 (80 Mins)

                                                                                                         4:50-5:40                                      5:30-6:50

9+ Years (80 Mins)          Stretch&Strength (40 Mins)

7:00-8:20                         6:40-7:20                                           Level 2 Tumbling (50 Mins)         Stretch&Strength (40 Mins)

                                                                                                         5:50-6:40                                      7:00-7:40

                                                                                                         Advanced Level 3 (80 Mins)